Why would someone want to watch “Jersey Shore”?  I understand that you may want to watch the weekly train wreck of New Jersey living, but that only encourages them.  Same as “Real Housewives of (any city)”.  Stop watching and they may fill that spot with something worthwhile.

This is one of my many opinions, and the reason for this blog.  To open a discussion about real events and people.  I write something.  You respond.  We learn together.

So if only for myself, I now have a place to record my thoughts.  One condition though, I’ll attempt to write about things that have some shred of significance. Here’s why, Perez Hilton has ruined America. (this is what I meant in my description as “uninformed opinions”)  He has a blog and abuses its power to leverage things.  Why should he be a judge of Miss America?  What qualifies him to judge that contest? (what qualifies anyone?)  But because of his wayward blog I promise to only discuss issues with some relevance, at least more so than Snooki’s hair problem.

This is why it is called Up stream. A friend of mine once told me a Rwandan proverb; “Only dead fish swim with the stream”.  This seems like a pretty good reason to go against the current.  Sure, there are many proverbs like this one from every corner of the globe.  But this one was significant to me.  I studied Swahili in college, (Nikulisoma Kiswahili for those who also studied) and took a few courses about Africa.  Up stream we go, treading over all other cultural proverbs that mean the same thing.

So, I’ll try to talk about relevant things that might be of interest to others.  No promises.  I’ll try to use good proper grammar.  Unlikely.  And (failed already with the grammar) I may potentially be forced into generating educated opinions. I hope not.


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