A Proper Response

June 15, 2010

Pres. Obama addressed the nation tonight regarding the oil spill in the Gulf.  He laid out some plans about repaying legitimate claims of monetary loss from the spill.  I agree.  BP screwed up and should pay.  He probably should have included that anyone who puts in a blatantly false claim will go to jail, or pay for the salary or 3 claims workers for one day.  Look at me, compassion.  This is similar to the fees that balloon boy’s dad had to pay, or McDonald’s had to pay for keeping their coffee too hot.  Not similar in amount but there is a precedent.

BP will ultimately pay a huge price for the spill.  Cost of clean up, loss of oil, opportunity costs of their employees and resources during this time.  This is a huge disaster, so it fits.  What about Lindsey Lohan?  She is a huge disaster.  Shouldn’t she have to pay?  Why not stop covering her every move in the press?  More than 3 years ago the AP did something similar with Paris Hilton.  It was great.  I didn’t have to sift through crap to get actual news.  It still was not enough.  Her celebrity was still significant enough for her to get out of jail due to stress or unhappiness.  Everyone is unhappy when they go to jail.  She should not get special treatment.  So I think Lindsay should be stricken from news coverage forever.  At least until she does something news worthy like star in a feature film, or help someone other than herself.

Not meaning to beat a dead horse, but I’ll rant a bit more about Lohan.  Her lawyer has attempted to move the hearing somewhere else because the jury pool is tainted.  Too many potential candidates would have read bad press about his client.  I have issues with this as well.  If she didn’t break laws by the minute, she wouldn’t have as much bad press.  And if we were to try to find a jury pool that hadn’t heard news about her, what kind of jury would that be?  Juries already consist of people who have not tried to get out of the duty, which creates a skewed representation.  What sort of social outliers would have no idea who Lindsey is or what she has done?

Why stop with Lohan?  Let’s extend this to a referendum on Kanye‘s music,  ban Artest from the NBA, Haynesworth and Vick (for Paul) from the NFL.  If people are going to be cruel, sadistic and attack innocent people/animals then they have no place in the public favor.  This should be extended even beyond citizens.  Countries who fail to evolve should also receive equal treatment.

North Korea played in the World Cup today for the first time in 44 years.  It was a proud moment for the citizens and leaders.  South Korea historically has broadcast international competitions to North Korea.  Given the current situation, they opted not to.  Well done.  They turned their back on the revenue in order to punish North Korea.  So here comes China to the rescue demonstrating their disdain for civil rights and freedom.  The soccer team also received a sponsorship for the World Cup.  A company called Legea has partnered with the PRK to provide uniforms.  When asked about the negative press the company’s president replied “I disagree, there is no such thing as bad press.”  He could have easily tried “North Korea has shown great strides to improve their freedoms, and we want to bring hope to that nation by sponsoring their representatives to the World Cup.”  If the president of a company can’t muster that much of a response, you know it’s bad.

So, North Korea gets uniforms, Kanye’s music gets played, Artest may win a ring (I hope not), Haynesworth got a record breaking contract, and Michael Vick gets a shot at starting quarterback.  If President Obama has the spine of the NFL, NBA, any rap station, or Legea we can all expect that BP will soon have a billboard on the Whitehouse lawn.


7 Responses to “A Proper Response”

  1. Joy said

    Couple of things…
    1. While it is relevant to the overall point, your opinions of lindsey lohan, no matter how negative, surprise me. You have an opinion about Lindsey lohan? I had no idea she was even on your radar, much less your blog.
    2. I generally agree with you about the vick/haynesworth/artest issue. But just wonder if people might just make mistakes (no matter the severity) and once the have really paid their time (as vick did), do they not get another chance?
    3. I love reading your blog!!

    • gfabbott said

      I am not saying that Artest, Vick and Haynesworth should be in jail for the rest of their lives. But being suspended from a professional sports league is hardly punishment. They should all have received a lifetime ban. There are hundreds if not thousands of well meaning, intelligent and moral men who are willing to take their place. Artest, Vick and Haynesworth could all start selling cars or construction, anything but the NFL/NBA.

  2. Brett Goda said


    after reading your blog and your rebuttal i still disagree with your position on specifically sports Figures. Vick grew up in a culture/upbringing where dogfighting was susceptible. Artest and half the NBA are thugs, at least he didn’t bring a gun to the arena. I support what he did to a point, I mean that fan got what he deserved. Some heckling fans are like woman who think they can do and say whatever they want just because they know they can get away with it and have no recourse. Do you think people will think twice the next time they are at an NBA game and start heckling the players in the game. I think it should happen more often. If people are that rude and security isn’t doing their job maybe they deserve to get popped in the mouth a couple times. Finally Haynesworth, he stomped on a guys Head, he had a helmet on, and emotions get the best a lot of men who are in the trenches. Again, at least he didn’t have a gun on the field or in the locker room.
    In regards to the BP comments in tonights conference, I personally learned two things; First, Obama has to be the most philosophical President we have ever had… can he be more vague about anything… why even hold the conference. Second, I understand why he taught and did not practice… Did he really say he is going to take 20 billion of BPs money to make sure people an adequate recourse. Along with that this account will be monitored by a third party, (some government affiliation) which means the money will just be thrown everywhere… and where is that he has the power to take money from BP for an account like this… Are we the new China!

    • gfabbott said

      A few things. I am not sure someone should be given a pass simply because they grew up in a different situation. That is a particularly interesting argument today, Youth day, in South Africa. But to speak to your point more directly, The pope grew up in Nazi Germany. Should he be allowed to commit some of the atrocities that he grew up seeing?
      And you further illustrate my point with the Gilbert Arenas scenario. Kick him out. If you lack the mental apptitude to understand that bringing a gun to an arena, and the pointing it at a teammate is wrong then I doubt you have any place in professional sports.
      Artest wasn’t just heckeled, he had a beer throw at him while laying on the scorers table. a) get off the scorers table, b) you can’t just randomly go punch people. He didn’t even punch the right guy.
      Haynesworth stepped on the guys head when his helmet was off. Look at the pic. At his size, that’s like when Edward Norton did a “curb bite” in American History X.

      I do agree with you on one point. I am not sure who gave Obama the ability to take money from companies and then dole it out to the public, but we will see how his meeting goes today.

  3. kyle said

    You say

    “So I think Lindsay should be stricken from news coverage forever. At least until she does something news worthy like star in a feature film, or help someone other than herself.”

    The only place that continually reports on her situation is TMZ. I may be mistaken but its sounds as if you are validating TMZ as a reliable media outlet. You fail Rabbit.

  4. Jessica said

    How can you not love this guy?

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