Likely Story

May 3, 2010

So Pres. Ahmadinejad (checked spelling 3 times) came to the US today, more specifically the UN.  He was here to take advantage of the rules in the UN so that he could speak first (as a head of state he gets special recognition and early speaking times).  Well played.  I’m not saying I support him at all, but that is excellent strategy.  There are people who were hoping that he would bring three Americans with him.  He didn’t.  Some were outraged.  I am not.  This leads us to one possible conclusion.  They are wrong.  Let’s find out why.

Backstory:  Three Berkley grads wanted to go on a hiking trip.   They choose the scenic vistas and beautiful lands of…Iraq.  I have not been to Iraq, I will probably never go to Iraq.  There are two very good reasons for this.  1) IED’s and 2) It’s a desert.  If I ever had the desire to go hiking I would not choose a desert under any circumstances, and if I was misguided enough to go hiking in a desert I would choose one that has casino’s in it or one that makes their own islands.  So you choose to go hiking in beautiful Iraq, perhaps in between the militant camps and dust storms there are some photo ops.  Let’s look at the other problems.

While hiking it seems that the trio lost their way and ended up in beautiful Iran (?).  Instead of going hiking in the desert that borders your home state you elect to travel halfway across the world to a desert and didn’t buy a GPS?  Maybe I am being too critical of their decisions but I am not convinced they made any decisions, or any good ones.  They either got lost or intentionally strayed into Iran.  This is illegal in Iran and they were detained.  We treat people who stray across our border a little differently in this country, but that’s another blog.  They broke the law and were arrested.  I hope that the curriculum at Berkley is advanced enough to teach people what consequences are.  We would expect anyone coming to this country to obey our laws (even our silly ones that Carfax has highlighted for us, like the duck on your head law).  Why would we not do the same?  There are several examples of this.  A British couple was recently arrested for kissing in public in Dubai.  Your bad.  In fact this isn’t even the most recent example of hiking gone awry.  Laura Ling and… someone else went hiking across the North Korean border.  They were arrested too and should have been.  A fact that one of the Berkley hikers should have known since the North Korean incident featured fellow journalists.

Well this just opened up.  One of the three American hikers was a journalist?  What kind I wonder?   Politically charged, anti-Isreali, pro Syrian (which happens to be a terrorist state).  Another hiker is a journalist who has worked for Al-Jazeera.  So two of them are journalists, I wonder about the third.   The other is a granola, which is unexciting.  But two of them are pretty far left journalists.  Nothing against the far left, but if you are, and go wandering into an anti-American state please forgive my suspicion.

So Lisa Ling’s sister got off easy,  Bill Clinton flexed his “relations” skills and they were sprung.  I disagreed with that as well.  They broke the law, and their intentions were much more direct.  So before we get too upset at the Iranian Head,  let’s think a bit about the what is actually going on.  A couple of people decided to march their Birkenstocks into a foreign country and probably had some sort of bad intention.  Please do not grant them special treatment.  Treat them as anyone else, but certainly no worse, and let’s hope for another great US envoy to bring them home.  If Bill Clinton is busy, I vote for Dave Chapelle, he’s not busy.


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